Hey there! Thanks for joining me on this adventure of blogging. I wanted my first post to be on Mother’s day and had it all written up to be posted today only to realize that Mother’s Day is next Sunday! Oops! Guess I got a little excited there. One of the reasons I wanted to start the blog on Mother’s Day was as an homage to mom who this blog is kind of named after.

Anyhow, too excited to wait till next week. (Clearly lack of patience and impulse control here šŸ˜› ) I’m hoping this blog will have a little bit of everything in my life. Wedding planning is a big thing on my plate right now though so I expect that’ll take up a bit of space here. Please bare with me as this blog develops and feel free to reach out with any comments you might have.

Thanks and welcome!

Photo May 02, 12 52 34 PM

Tulips from the fiance šŸ™‚