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In continuation of our Toasted Wedding Event experience, I just wanted to list out the vendors from the Toasted Wedding Event in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and highlight a few that my fiance and I really liked. Also included links to all the vendors incase anyone’s interested in finding out more. Although it was a wedding event, many of the vendors would be great to use of other events and parties you may be putting together. 

Here are a few of the vendors that I wanted to highlight:

  • A Suit that fits – I need to get my man in one of these! Custom suits starting at $495. They actually gave away a custom suit to one attendee. Not sure who won but what an awesome win. A great fitting suit on a man goes a long way. It’s also something that he can wear again and again, not like a traditional wedding dress. In the words of Barney Stinson, Suit Up!
  • Brindamour Photography – There were quite a few photographers but my fiance and I both loved this one. Photos were beautiful and she mentioned that she’s about to be bicoastal! I know all photographers say they are willing to travel but the added expense can be a bit much when you’re already spending so much on a wedding. Another plus is that she also does a photo booth that makes gifs! How fun is that? She also does a boudoir photo shoot party each spring/summer at a discounted price that includes hair and makeup, a stylist, champagne and brunch! Note to self: look into this!
  • Elizabeth bower – Loved the beautiful pieces they had out. Accessorizing your dress with one of these amazing pieces can really step up a look. They also included a pair of earrings in the goodie bags that retail for $40! Might be nice to get a few extra pairs for the bridesmaids. Their site has a section for bridesmaid jewelry that is split up by color which makes it easier to pick out something in your wedding colors.
  • Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co – Would love to have an oyster bar at my wedding but not sure how feasible it would be. They estimated pricing to be around $12pp for about 3 oysters pp. Another option would be to do something like shrimp for a lower cost. But oysters! It’s definitely a unique element. Also loved the handcrafted boat that the oysters were displayed and served in.
  • Jam Jar Bakery – Sadly I missed this booth. Meant to drop by before I left cause I had had too many sweets already but then forgot. Love the concept though. Baked good in an on-the-go little jar? What’s not to love? Makes for a good event favor.
  • Brooklyn Floss – Cotton candy made on the spot! Not just the pain regular flavors either. They had Strawberry Rose, Lemon Lavender, Pina Colada, and Sour Cherry. I wonder how long lines would get at an event if only one person was serving this up. I loved that it was something different though. If you’re looking to try them out, they seem to be Brooklyn Night Bazaar.
  • Lip Service – This is cool. These lovely ladies will come and do the hair and makeup for your bridal party on your wedding day. Along with that they also bring your party brunch and cocktails. It’s like a mini party with your girls before the main party later on. They brought small bites and a cocktail to the event and it was all delicious, especially the cocktail!
  • Cads About Matrimony – Have you played Cards Against Humanity? It’s a really great card game that’s like a more grown up version of Apples to Apples. Well, Cads About Matrimony is the marriage themed one and the cards are hilarious. I want this! Would be a lot of fun to play at a bachlorette or bridal shower. Their website says that they are “about 1/10 the price but at least 1/4 the fun of a stripper.” Seems like a ringing endorsement to me!
  • NY drawing booth – The concept of NY drawing booth is really cool. They will do quick sketches of your guest within a few minutes, making a personal favor for your guests. The company has a bunch of different artists and I would highly recommend you see your artist’s work and compare it to the actual person because while their work seemed good, when I looked at the picture compared to the person, they seemed nothing alike!

The following is a list of all the vendors: