So when my fiance saw the post about LWDs at Asos for under $172, his response was, “is that supposed to be cheap?” Personally, I think $172 for a nontraditional wedding dress is a great price compared to dropping a few K. Anyhow, I thought I’d do a post on some great dresses at Asos that are under $100 and would be as bridesmaid dresses.

ASOS TALL WEDDING One Shoulder Sexy Slinky Maxi Dress $87.00

dress1a dress1b

TFNC Debutante Midi Dress $73.00


TFNC Prom Midi Dress $73.00

dress3a dress3b

TFNC Maxi Dress With One Shoulder Detail $81.00

dress4a dress4b

ASOS Scallop Lace Midi Dress $81.00

dress5a dress5b

ASOS TALL WEDDING Soft Notch Bandeau Maxi Dress $100.00

dress6a dress6b

ASOS Lace Top Scuba Debutante Midi Dress $81.00

dress7a dress7b

ASOS WEDDING Ruched Bodice Bandeau Midi Dress $99.00

dress8a dress8b

ASOS Chain Necklace Maxi $99.00

dress9a dress9b

ASOS Slinky Twist Front Bandeau Maxi $99.00

dress10a dress10b